Debt Purchase

RML is considered by many to be the leading company in New Zealand for purchasing debt ledgers.

We have been in this segment of business for over 10 years and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge to draw on when making decisions with our clients.

Selling your debtors ledger can have benefits for your business:

  • Immediate cash flow
  • Reduction in your operational collection costs internally
  • Crystallises your bad debt value for end of year tax purposes

RML will purchase one off ledgers or have an on-going arrangement through a forward flow purchase agreement. This allows for some degree of certainty for your business with cash flow, which will allow you to plan for growth.

Our pricing formula for your ledger is based  on a wide range of variables which include but not limited to; the age of the debt, available documentation, industry sector you operate in, collection activity levels that have already taken place.

RML has highly skilled debt management professionals who will protect your brand even though you have assigned the ownership rights to RML.

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