How to Pay your Debt

There are several ways you can pay your debt.

1. Internet/Telephone Banking/Automatic Payment:

Transfer Money from your bank account directly to Receivables Management.

We have both NZ and Australian accounts from your convenience.

Please call your collector to advise of the payment you will be making and ensure the correct reference number is used.

New Zealand Payment:

Bank: Bank of New Zealand
Account Number: 02 0800 0124351 01
Account Name: Receivables Management (NZ) Limited
Reference: Your Our Reference will be required as reference (see over)

Australian Payment:

Bank: NAB, 292 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Account Number: (BSB# 082-080) 121496647
Account Name: Receivables Management (NZ) Ltd
Reference: Your Our Reference will be required as reference

International Payments:



Terms and Conditions

If paying by instalments into our bank account, you agree without exception to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You accept liability for this debt and any necessary fees incurred during the collection process.
  2. Should you default in this arrangement the total balance outstanding becomes due and payable.
  3. You will advise us of any change in your contact details (Address and phone numbers etc).
  4. You accept a quarterly automatic payment administration charge of $15.00 per debt.
  5. Overpayments can be transferred to outstanding accounts owed by you (unless disputed), and refunds incur a $20 processing fee
  6. We reserve the right to review/cancel this agreement on 14 days notice. We review arrangements every 3 months or so based on your financial situation.

2. By Visa/MasterCard

Please phone your account manager on the 0800 number on the letter you have received.

Have your card ready with:

  • Your debt number “Our Reference”
  • The Cardholder’s Name
  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiry date

NB-A nominal processing fee applies. If you do not have a reference, one of our friendly team can help.

3. By post

Cheques only please – please include “Our Reference” with your payment. If you do not have this please phone 0800 2222 132

Receivables Management
PO Box 16125
Christchurch 8441

If paying from overseas – you will need the following:

Paying to: Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand

Along with the details of our account from the top of the page.


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