About Receivables Management

Receivables Management (NZ) Limited was established from a merger of the best and most respected companies in the debt recovery industry within New Zealand.

RML now provides the business and public sector with access to world-class facilities and techniques, in the rapidly expanding receivables, outsourcing and information markets.

Size and Strength

Receivables Management (NZ) Limited (RML) are New Zealand’s leading supplier of services to the receivables and debt management industry in New Zealand, with the size, capacity, resources and focus to offer an international quality service.

RML offers worldwide coverage through exclusive strategic alliances in Australia, North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

These alliances enable RML to provide premium global services to its New Zealand, Australian and Global clients with receivables, debt management and information service requirements. In return, RML can service our partner’s client’s needs, throughout New Zealand and Australia, utilising our specialist local knowledge, and resources.

Industry Leading Experience

RML’s formation brought together an unequalled resource of experience and trading history. This capability, combined with our focus on our clients’ specific requirements, has permanently raised the standards by which the industry will be measured.

RML’s on-going attention, and commitment to staff training, selective recruitment, and career development, offers unparalleled opportunities to become the employer of choice.

RML has continued to build upon the combined expertise, and experience of the industries most experienced senior management and staff, to ensure the consistent delivery of superior products and services is assured.

RML now offers a clear point of distinction in the market, with its size, specialist facilities, and expertise. Whilst utilising its past and on-going commitment to investing in the effective and efficient use of the latest technology.

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